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The Crumlin Navigation
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The Crumlin Navigation
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We are easy to find !

The  Navigation site is situated in the village of Crumlin, Gwent, alongside  the A467 road from Newbridge to Abertillery.
The access road is from  the B4251 (Kendon Hill) leading to Oakdale. The site is generally locked  for security reasons.
The correct POSTCODE for the site is NP11  3PL

One  day soon we hope to have a similar icon in place showing where the site  is situated. This vision is a step closer now with the pit wheel  currently being renovated. It will hopefully be placed at the entrance  to the site. However as of April 2018 we are still  trying to finalise our planning application and completion of the work due to a problem with an unknown manhole recently discovered !
We will keep you posted.

The Crumlin Navigation
This website was last updated on the 7th November 2019
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