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Our members receive an in house copy of “Navigation News”. The first ever edition way back in August 2016 reported that a pit wheel was to be erected. At that time and after several months of negotiation it was planned to have an iconic item placed at the entrance to the site. This would be both a lasting memory of the industrial heritage of the area and a visual indicator to the site entrance.

The pit wheel had been in storage for many years and had suffered some damage and was taken to a firm in Llanhilleth for renovation and repair.

We are, at last, now able to congratulate all concerned and announce that the pit wheel has finally made it to it’s final resting place at the entrance to the site.

This is a major milestone in the development of the Navigation project and it does at least advertise the fact that “something is happening” on the site. The following pictures speak for themselves and with a little bit of tidying up to be completed we do at last have an iconic structure and gateway to the site.

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The Crumlin Navigation
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