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We are indebted to Alan Sharland and Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd for supplying skips, equipment and manpower to help us remove the waste and detritus following the arson attack. As can be seen from the following picture the area is considerably cleaner and now allows us to concentrate on some of our other projects.

Unfortunately none of the stolen property has been recovered and it is very unlikely any recompense will be available from the guilty party. It is understood that there is an ongoing police investigation.

Fire flames

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On Saturday 30th June 2018 at approximately 9.30 pm persons or a person unknown entered the site and set light to our storage cabin and Welfare cabin.

Despite attendance by the local Fire Brigade the storage cabin was totally destroyed and the Welfare cabin was badly damaged. The pictures shown do not paint a pretty picture.
Everything in the storage cabin and the cabin itself has been lost. This included such items as a display board constructed over many hours by one of our volunteers and awaiting erection on the site, various items relating to the Oral History Project, tables used for our markets, tools and a petrol strimmer, health and safety items for our volunteers including such things as high visibility vests, safety gloves, goggles and helmets and a plethora of other items stored for future use.

In the welfare cabin the floor has been partly burnt through and needs replacement as does some of the electrical wiring, an internal door and wall board. We also lost complete bee keeper suits and various items in the kitchen area.

We are in the process of a "clean-up" and any help you can give would be appreciated. Contact us via our Facebook page or the "Contacts" page of this website.
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