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On the 26th June 2022 the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, staged an exhibition of students work in the Powerhouse at the Navigation site.
The student’s designs explored their visions of how this historic site might be brought back to life and play a role in Wales’s fight against climate change.
Whilst fictitious it is hoped their architectural proposals will inspire others to see the potential of the colliery site. The exhibition included an update on  current real initiatives and there was participation from Friends of the Navigation, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University Civic Mission, Innovation for All, ARC Academy and the Coal Authority to name a few.
The work by the students was quite exceptional and having received digital copies of some of their work it is true that their visions for the future of the site are incredible - if only the finance was available!

Unfortunately the scale of their work cannot be reproduced here but the picture alongside gives just one brilliant vision of what the site could be like.

For anyone interested in the students work please contact the webmaster via the Contacts page and a look at the files can be provided.

The picture reproduced with permission is attributed to student Jordan Grady and the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.
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Green Energy Vision

This is an alternative view of the Navigation site as a centre for green energy. This vision was created by student Rowan Luckman, also from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, and is again reproduced here with permission.
The Crumlin Navigation
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