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Towards the end of 2022 and now at the start of 2023 we must report on the progress being made by ARC and the Pupil Referral Unit. Recap on early beginnings here:  clearance work 2022

Some really great work is being carried out despite the inclement weather of late.  The following slide show gives a selection of pictures of some of the areas, mainly on the top level that are being cleared of decades of detritus and vegetation. Some interesting foundations and drainage channels are also being uncovered.

This is something volunteers in the past have attempted and have spent weeks with shovels, spades and pickaxes. Lots of hard work and little to show for it.   It just goes to show that with the right equipment and labour force far more can be achieved. With grateful thanks to David Lundregan of ARC and his team.

The volume of waste material removed is quite staggering but then it has been building up over some 55 years!!
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