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This article has been prompted by one of our members, Chris Bartley, who supplied copies of several photographs he took back in 1995. He used a 35mm camera without a zoom lens. The Navigation featured on one of the photographs and is shown below.
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Prompted by this “find” our Secretary, Vera Jenkins, remembered a set of photographs that were rescued from a skip many years ago.

In 1994/1995 major changes to the small village of Crumlin were afoot. This would alter the layout of the roads and the area beyond recognition. Entitled the “Crumlin Village Highway Improvement” a series of photographs were taken over the two year period. Having been found in a skip it is remarkable that they have survived. It was therefore felt necessary to “preserve” them digitally for others to enjoy and they are shown in the album below.
We are not certain of copyright but all the pictures were taken by Brynmor Williams Photography of Cardiff. The pictures are not shown here for any commercial gain and we would not wish any of them to be copied or used for any commercial purpose whatsoever. Some of the quality of the pictures has been lost with time.

Slides 1 - 10   -  dated 16th March 1994
Slide 11 - 16   -  dated 27th May 1994
Slide 17          -  dated 28th June 1994
Slide 18 - 19   -  dated 14th July 1994
Slide 20          -  dated 30th November 1994
Slide 21          -  dated 11th January 1995
Slide 22          -  dated 14th January 1995
Slide 23          -  dated 14th February 1995
Slide 24          -  dated 23rd March 1995
Slide 25 - 26    - dated 30th March 1995
Slide 27 - 29    -  dated 2nd August 1995
Slide 30 - 31    -  dated 4th September 1995
Slide 32 - 33    -  dated 2nd October 1995
Slide 34 - 35     -  dated 1st December 1995
Slide 36 - 38     -  dated 11th March 1996

(Click on the square below the picture for an enlarged view)
The Crumlin Navigation
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