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Spring 2024
After a very long struggle we have now managed to have confirmation from the National Coal Authority that the two shafts will be properly capped - something which was lacking at the time of closure of the colliery and which has been causing the project some concern over the years. Once capped the completed work will assist us in developing the top level safely.
Work commenced in March 2024 with the contractors building a solid surface roadway parallel with the Power House leading to the culvert. A small new bailey bridge has also been constructed over the culvert to allow heavier plant to access the top level. The shafts will be capped with reinforced concrete and have an access manhole for future inspections. All of the work should be completed in a few weeks.
new bridge over culvert

No the site is not sinking!!  We apologise for the angle of the pictures but these show the new temporary bridge that has been installed over the culvert and the foundations required to support the bridge.
This will enable the Coal Authority to cross the culvert, which has a 7.5 ton weight limit, to reach the upper level with heavy plant.
foundations of bailey bridge

The following is an update on the work which has taken place at the beginning of May 2024

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This website was last updated on the 28th May 2024
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